LARP Box Announcement!!!


I’m so pleased to announce that n00b mama is now an affiliate of LARP Box!!! We’ve been quietly going back and forth for a while on this and I couldn’t wait to finally make it official. I subscribed to their boxes at the start and loved every single one so I’m beyond proud to partner with them (I only stopped because, well, owning a house and having a child gets expensive… who knew?! 😂). The owner is a really wonderful person and their products are of excellent quality. If you sign up, you’d be supporting a great company.
Need more incentive to sign up? Oh, I got you. Use the code “n00bmama” to get 10% OFF!!! Yes! Exciting, right?! And you’d be helping me a little bit, too!
Stay tuned for even more LARP Box themed content ahead. Don’t worry, my comics will always be my priority. But I’m so excited to be branching out to different aspects of our lovely nerd community. It feels great. 💕
Check out their site, too!

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