Before & After Parenthood: Collectibles

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I decided to do something a little more sentimental this time around. I can’t remember exactly what my son was playing with but he managed to find one of my figurines I thought was up on a shelf. And there was something about watching him play with it that just put the biggest smile on my face. It just didn’t matter anymore how valuable it may have been.

As cheesy as it is, being a parent really does change you in amazing ways. And this is one of those small ways you don’t expect until you’re experiencing it for the first time.

One thought on “Before & After Parenthood: Collectibles

  1. RIP my geeky LEGO sets, Original Diecast Transformers, geeky plush characters, various books/games, Mario Party for Switch, original Fireball Island etc.
    Worth it! ❤


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