Anatomy of a Creator

So like. I don’t think I ever shared this one?! I’m working hard on building up a comic backlog as things change in my personal life (for the better :3) so… yeah this one is still as true as ever.

LARP Box: Halfling theme ANNOUNCEMENT!

Introducing… Lorelei, the botanist Halfling who’s here with a rather rousing announcement! She’s gone and put together her best arrangement of fall foliage to trade for… the LARP Box Halfling box!!! What’s inside?! Are you excited?? In a couple days, I’ll walk you through the contents with an UNBOXING VIDEO! Stay tuned! (and don’t forget you can always get 10% your order on with code “n00bmama”)

Some art practice with my fav gal

I realized the other day that I wanted to really get better artistically with two things: scenery + shading. My shading still needs work but it feels better than usual and doing a little scenery was a nice change. So, obv, I practiced with my girl Vera reading a book in her hometown before she became an adventurer. ✨💛