Drachenfest US Official Influencer Announcement!


I am an OFFICIAL INFLUENCER for Drachenfest US, which will be held at Coopers Lake in PA (USA) from June 19-25, 2023!! I’m so incredibly thankful for this partnership. The DF team has been nothing but kind, welcoming, and supportive; I cannot wait until June! Silver Camp, let’s goooo!

You can get 5% off your ticket with my code “DFn00bmama” if you haven’t grabbed ’em yet or you’re now interested in attending! There is SO much to do over the four days of play. And you KNOW I have to bring my girl Vera there as my character ❤ so if you see me: say hi and join me for a drink/walk/sparring match/stroll through the Bazaar, etc. 🤗 Or perhaps I’ll see you on the battlefield…

Will I see you there?! Keep an eye out for more of my DF related posts leading up to the big event… 👀

A Guide to Immersive Dialogue

Another informative-type comic about LARPing, comin’ atcha! Doing a variety of little things to contribute to an immersive experience is always fun for me. I have SO many more suggestions and comic ideas to share all my thoughts, but I figured I would start simple! 🙂

What are some of your dialogue tricks to help stay immersed at LARPs?