Baby Animal Opinions

baby animals.png

Baby animal season is upon us. Truly a glorious time. Adorable ducklings waddling around, sweet little kittens… but then there are goslings. Little. Baby. Geese. So unassuming. You think they’re cute. They are. They surely are. BUT ONE DAY THEY GROW UP TO BE EVIL GEESE WHO POOP EVERYWHERE AND CROSS THE STREET WILLY-NILLY AND BITE YOU JUST BECAUSE YOU EXIST.

So, yeah.

New Trailer Feels

botw 2 trailer.png

I’ve watched the new Breath of the Wild 2 trailer WAY too many times and have thought about it in detail FAAAAR too much… so if you even so much as whisper about it near me, I promise you… this is what will happen. My passion for The Legend of Zelda knows no bounds. :’)